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The city of contrasts!

Our destination

For many decades, Marrakech has seen the installation of large tourist establishments with an international reference, establishments that have accompanied the vision of the Moroccan state in the development of the tourism sector in Morocco and have accelerated the upgrade of the infrastructures of the ocher city.

man walking in the medina streets of marrakech
la lumière du soleil sur les remparts historiques de marrakech
ornamentation of a camel decor on gold colored plate
view of the menara gardens of marrakesh before the snowy mountains

Why choose Marrakech for your event?

Marrakech has a very important infrastructure, natural resources and several essential assets that make this destination complete in terms of the product which offer, an attractive, diversified and quality product. We can cite so many without being able to mention them all.

  • Geographic allocation and landscapes:

Marrakech is located in the center of Morocco, at the foot of the Atlas mountain range which gives Marrakech a unique and charming background, especially when the Atlas peaks are congested with snow in winter and spring, including a ski resort is located a few kilometers from the city center, as well as splendid valleys and large waterfalls.

On the other side of the Atlas, we find the great Sahara with large sand dunes and camels caravans, gorges and palm oases stretched out on the horizon as far as the eye can see...

The sea is not far from Marrakech either, a few hours by highway you can access several maritime cities depending on what you are looking for as a beach, Agadir with its attractions which offers, Essaouira and its authentic medina, Oualidia with the landscape peaceful which offers...

Around Marrakech, you can find plenty of breath taking splendid landscapes, lakes, oases of palm trees, an authentic pebble desert... landscapes that we can arrange according to the theme of your events and incentives.

  • Population and culture:

The city of Marrakech was originally a Berber city, currently is inhabited by a majority of Arabs who also participated in the founding of this mythical city and we can clearly see their imprints in the architecture of the palaces and riads of the medina.

In the heights of the Atlas mountains, the Berbers are settled, where the irheritage and their ancient lifestyle are preserved : architecture, tribes, bartering, working the land and carpets...

In the great Sahara, you will find the Tuaregs, who are also attached to their traditions until today, certainly with less trips compared to their life before, but still preserve their customs and their nomadic tents which still use when they move their dromedaries in short trips!

All these cultural riches can be essential elements to give added value to your events or incentives in Marrakech and provide your collaborators or / and your guests with different experiences in the same destination!


  • History and heritage:

Marrakech is a city with more than 10 centuries of history, founded in 1071 and since then it has known the succession of several dynasties and was the capital of Morocco for 350 years... Thanks to this history, Marrakech endows with a very rich heritage where Oriental culture merges with the Berber and African roots of the country.

  • The medina:

The medina extending over a total area of 600 hectares, it is one of the largest medinas in Morocco and the most populated in North Africa with more than 400K of inhabitants, and 40k of craftsmen.

The Marrakech medina consists of three types of districts, the residential districts where most of the inhabitants of the medina live there. The industrial districts where the craftsmen are based, each district is dedicated to a specific artisanal work and bears the name of this work. Then the souks where all the artisanal production is exhibited.

  • The monuments:

Among the main monuments of Marrakech we mention the Bahia Palace, a 19th century palace and emblem of the elegance of Arab Moorish architecture, Badii Palace and the Saadian tombs which bear witness to the city's golden era, Dar el Bacha is an ancient palace and the place that encompasses all the heritage of the city, then the Madrasa Ben Youssef and the Koutoubia mosque which are places of worship and learning of several sciences.

  • The museums:

In Marrakech there are several museums which exhibit different content that varies between historical, heritage, gastronomic or even fashion content...

Among the main museums in Marrakech we can mention: the Marrakech Museum, the Dar si Said Museum, the Culinary Art Museum, the Perfume Museum, the Photography Museum, the Water Museum and the Yves St Laurent Museum.

  • The gardens:

The gardens are part of the culture of marrakechis and represent an essential heritage in the architecture of Marrakech city. This is the reason why we find in all the riads (old houses of the medina) patios with diverse vegetation, it gives a charm to the place and helps to refresh the atmosphere in summer...

The gardens are also present in public spaces, this is the place where the marrakchis celebrated the arrival of the spring season every year by organizing picnics throughout the season, a ritual inherited for centuries!

Among the famous gardens that remain today: the Menara, Secret, Mly Abdesslam, el Harti, Koutoubia, to which the Majorelle garden adds an exotic charm.


Transport and accessibility

  • Airport:

Marrakech has a very developed and modern infrastructure, including an international airport located in the heart of the city and which serves more than 130 destinations around the world and with an annual capacity of 4 million passengers.

  • Urban transport:

In Marrakech you have several types of transport to move from one place to another, there is urban transport: which consists of two types of taxis (large and small), buses and carriages. Then tourist transport which consists of all types of vehicles of all ranges, they are on demand and can be privatized for all your trips or uses.

  • Inter-city:

Marrakech is connected with the majority of cities by modern highways or dual-track fast roads, there are also single-lane national roads that connect the smaller provinces. In general all roads are well maintained.

There is also an important network of railways that connects Marrakech with the provincial capitals such as Casablanca, Rabat, to Tangier in the north (15 km from Spain) and Ouajda in the east via Fez (Oujda, border town with Algeria). A high speed train is also available from Casablanca to Tangier.


  • Tourism infrastructure:

Marrakech offers you a wide choice of accommodation and tourist establishments that you can adapt according to your measures to succeed in any type of event without exception, whatever its characteristics!

  • Hotels:

A wide selection of classified hotels of all categories, from luxury hotels andpalaces to 3-star hotels with different locations and different budgets, a total of more than 70,000 beds in bedding apart from riads and guest houses which are numerous too. The majority of riads and guest houses are in the medina, they have several categories and different capacities, some have up to 20 rooms with an average of 7 rooms.

  • Conferences centers:

There are 3 large conference centers with a large capacity and which know the organization of major international events. These three conference centers have several seminar rooms, amphitheatres, ballroom and sub-committee rooms which adapt to all types of room layout (parade, presentations, theater, school, U...) and can be equipped by any type of audiovisual and decorative installation.

Most hotels and some riads* also have meeting rooms and sub-committee rooms with different capacities and different facilities.

*For small groups.

  • Venues

A wide choice of places that can host your events, places with different themes and different capacities, between arabesques, Berbers, palaces, rooftops, artistic... and other blank spaces that you can design according to your tastes and your preferences.

  • Restaurants

There are many of restaurants, restaurants that offer all types of cuisine, between local and international cuisine. Each restaurant also offers different entertainment according to its setting, and others offer shows included with dinner meals, breathtaking shows.

Certainly the local specialty is Moroccan cuisine known for its variety and delicious dishes, but you can serve your collaborators or / and guests dishes from French, Spanish, Italian to Japanese cuisine and this thanks to the talented cooks from Marrakech.

You will find in Marrakech the restaurant that suits you according to your preferences and the capacity of your event or incentive.


  • Shows and animations:

Given the very high tourist demand on the destination of Marrakech, several local and international artists are installed in this city, they offer high quality modern entertainment inspired by great artists and major international shows, between songs, dances and acrobatics… These events merge with local folklore and popular and Arab music artists and give a very original and creative touch to your events that dazzle your collaborators or / and guests.

  • Activities and attractions:

Since Marrakech is a tourist city, there is no shortage of programs that appeal to everyone, historical and cultural visits, fun activities, sports, others allow contact with the locals and others are done on a private basis...

Marrakech offers you a wide choice, everything you can imagine the way you want, you can do it here and to your measure!

  • Climate:

The climate is also a very important factor in the success of your events and incentives, Marrakech ensures you the sun and the good weather 300 days of the year, except that in summer the sun beats a little strong than in the rest of the seasons!

  • Distance from Europe:

All these assets about 4 hours by flight or less from your home!

view from above of Djemaa el-Fna at sundown
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